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Revamping your home's space is simpler than you imagine, particularly when it comes to one of its key areas—the garage. AAA Garage Doors VC stands prepared to assist you in initiating the process, from prepping and planning to constructing your ideal garage doors. With a comprehensive range of offerings tailored to your project requirements and individual tastes, we're equipped to bring your vision to fruition.

Just a phone call away, AAA Garage Door VC is ready to serve your home improvement needs around the clock. Whether you seek advice on garage doors or desire a bespoke garage design, let us tailor a solution that aligns perfectly with your preferences!

AAA Garage Door Services

Opener Repair

AAA Garage Door Repair specializes in the maintenance and repair of leading opener brands, offering competitive rates for both repairs and new garage door installations. Whether it's your Genie, LiftMaster, Sears, Craftsman, or Guardian automatic opener, we can service or replace it promptly.

Garage door openers are among the hardest-working residential devices, enduring years of continuous use. While they typically last for extended periods, occasional malfunctions are inevitable. Our skilled technicians can address these issues efficiently, often requiring simple repairs to restore optimal functionality.

We provide Garage Door Opener Repair services around the country and surrounding areas seven days a week. From pulley system failures to remote malfunctions or power supply issues, our technicians can diagnose and resolve a wide range of opener problems at a minimal cost. Don't hesitate to reach out if your opener is experiencing any issues, as our expertise extends beyond automatic openers to encompass all garage door components. Ask about our lifetime warranties on repairs and request a free estimate for your next service.

We offer Four types of garage door openers:

  • Belt Driven Openers
  • Screw Driven Openers
  • Chain Driven Openers
  • Wall Mount Openers

As authorized dealers of LiftMaster garage door openers in USA, we carry a comprehensive range of their products and can address most issues without necessitating a full system replacement. However, if your garage door springs are over eight years old, we may recommend upgrading the system to take advantage of modern technological advancements for enhanced durability and performance over the years.

AAA Garage Door Services

Spring Replacement

Our technicians at AAA Garage Door Repair specialize in torsion and extension springs. Changing these springs is a hazardous task and should be handled by our trained professionals in garage door spring repair in US. Typically, torsion springs last 7-10 years, especially with regular usage during new garage door installations. If your garage door sees frequent daily use, the springs may reach their 10,000-cycle life expectancy within this timeframe.

Torsion Spring Installation

Various issues can affect springs during normal usage. When a door hangs on its tracks, the tension in the springs decreases, hindering their ability to lift the garage door. Given the weight of garage doors, tension springs endure significant wear over time. It's advisable to schedule maintenance with your local garage door company at least annually to ensure the proper functioning of your garage door springs.

Types of Residential Garage Door Springs

While homeowners typically don't ponder the mechanics of their garage doors until they malfunction, understanding the components can be beneficial. The garage door spring facilitates the smooth movement of heavy doors. Due to the tension involved, replacing garage door springs requires careful consideration to prevent serious consequences from incorrect installation or using the wrong type of spring.

There are two common types of residential garage door springs:


Extension Springs

These springs are typically found in setups where there are two extension springs along both sides of the overhead tracks. They stretch and contract to facilitate the smooth movement of the garage door. Safety cables are essential to prevent these springs from flying off if they break, as they can snap at any point during door operation.


Torsion Springs

Unlike extension springs, torsion springs use torque to facilitate the movement of the garage door. The controlled twist and untwist action of torsion springs enable smooth door operation. The size and length of the torsion spring depend on the weight of your garage door.

While extension springs are cheaper, they are less stable and more prone to accidents. Torsion springs, on the other hand, can withstand heavier weights and have a longer lifespan. Opting for a torsion spring setup may initially cost more but can save you money in the long run. A properly installed torsion spring can last over a decade, depending on usage patterns, significantly reducing the frequency of garage door spring replacements.

AAA Garage Door Services

Door Installation

For most of our customers, garage door installation Flat Rock MI is an undertaking that seems too complicated to get right, and too fraught with opportunities to make serious mistakes that compromise the function and lifespan of the garage door. That would be a fair assessment for even many of the companies today installing commercial garage doors in the area, but not for us. We have garage door installation down to a science. All of our Flat Rock MI garage door repair technicians are cross trained to install all makes and models of garage door at the highest level. From Anozira to Wayne Dalton garage doors, we do it all!

The Most Knowledgeable Technicians

Garage door install jobs should have only well-trained technicians working on them. The balance and stability of a garage door is something that must be precise for the door to last. This means thorough preparation must be done in advance. You can’t just wing it. You really need to know the basics of all garage doors and the particulars of each type of garage door. Wood, steel, glass, modern or carriage ñ all these differences impact the garage door installation process.

You Can’t Cut Corners with Garage Door Installation

Customers would be wise to make sure the garage door company they use that is thorough. All measurements should be taken before any work is done. Both the dimensions of the garage door and the weight must be known. Sometimes extra reinforcement will need to be installed with a new garage door to prevent bending as the door is pulled by the garage door opener. The springs will need to be chosen according to the weight of the door as well. You can rest assured that the manufacturer’s directions will be followed to the letter.

Integration with the Garage Door Opener

We suggest that all garage door owners make the upgrade to an automatic opener if they have not already. At this point it feels like a necessity. There are some many useful and convenient features in modern garage door openers today. Still, the addition of an opener to a new garage door install does add to the complexity. You will need to take the weight and positioning of the door into account when choosing garage door opener drive type and speed.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors have existed for a long time now. They started as doors on stables and barns and were a natural fit for the first car garages. The garage that we all own and use today was first put into use a little over a century ago and the evolution has not slowed down. While the sectional garage door has become by far the most popular, there are now several types of garage door with key distinctions that all homeowners must consider when have a new garage door installed. Customers can choose from these garage door types:

New Garage Door Brands We Carry and Install:

  • Amarr
  • Anozira
  • Stanley
  • Raynor
  • Sears
  • Linear
  • Marantec
  • Craftsman
  • Wayne Dalton
  • CHI
  • Mid-America Door
  • 1st United Door

Garage door installation in USA can appear daunting to most customers, with potential pitfalls that could compromise the door's function and longevity. While many companies may struggle with commercial garage door installations, we excel in this arena. At Close Tite Garage Door Repair, garage door installation is our expertise, executed with precision and efficiency. Our technicians are extensively trained to install all makes and models of garage doors to the highest standards, from Anozira to Wayne Dalton and beyond.

Our Knowledgeable Technicians

Our garage door installation team comprises highly skilled technicians who understand the intricacies of each type of garage door. Whether it's wood, steel, glass, modern, or carriage-style doors, we ensure meticulous preparation and precise execution to guarantee long-lasting performance.

No Cutting Corners

We prioritize thoroughness in every aspect of garage door installation. Before any work begins, precise measurements of the door dimensions and weight are taken. Additional reinforcement may be necessary to prevent bending, and springs are selected based on the door's weight. We adhere strictly to manufacturer guidelines to ensure optimal installation.

Integration with Garage Door Openers

We recommend upgrading to an automatic opener for added convenience and functionality. However, integrating an opener with a new garage door installation requires careful consideration of factors such as door weight and positioning to select the appropriate drive type and speed.

Types of Garage Doors

Customers have a variety of garage door types to choose from, each with its own advantages:


Single Panel (Up and Over)

This traditional option is affordable and secure but requires ample clearance space in front.


Sectional Panel

The most popular choice globally, sectional doors consist of horizontal panels that move smoothly within tracks, requiring minimal clearance space.


Carriage Style

Mimicking the appearance of traditional carriage doors, these sectional panel doors add a classic touch to modern homes.

Garage Door Materials

The choice of material impacts durability, maintenance, and aesthetics:



Classic and durable but heavy, requiring careful consideration of springs and openers.



Affordable and low-maintenance, though prone to dents.



Cost-effective and modern, often used with glass panels for a contemporary look.

New Garage Door Brands We Carry and Install

Our comprehensive selection includes reputable brands like Amarr, Stanley, Sears, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton, and more, ensuring quality and reliability for every installation.

AAA Garage Door Services PRICES


City & State Service Call & Estimate Opener Repair & Install *Spring Replacement *Door Installation
Fort Worth Texas Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Dallas, TX Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Houston, TX Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Austin Texas Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Helotes, TX Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Terrell, TX Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
San Antonio, Texas Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Fremont, NE Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
SALT LAKE City, UT Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Orange, Texas Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Berea, KY Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Los Angeles, CA Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Miami, FL Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Evergreen, CO Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Lincoln, CA Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Denver, CO Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
Lafayette, California Free Estimate / No Charge $250-$885 $175 - $375 $990 - $1800
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